Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Full-time employment, here I come
I have a new job, but it's not just any job. There's a business that I've had my eye on since about 2006 and when I saw the job opening posted on craigslist, I jumped at the chance to apply and wrote the longest cover letter I've ever written in my life in the hope of at least landing an interview. It worked. I got the first interview and then made it to the second interview and now I'm hired. Although I'm only hired as a temporary seasonal employee, there is a possibility to stay on full-time since one of the temps will be moved into a permanent position in October. That person might be me, or it might someone else, but either way, I'm thrilled to work there even if it's just for a short time.

I love my other part-time job, but unfortunately it has to go. I can't do both due to commute time involved with the new job and given that the part-time job is currently only paying about $50/week with no guarantee of an increase in income any time soon... well, time to resign. It was fun and I lost a lot of weight doing it, but I can't live on $50/week.

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