Thursday, June 09, 2011

The beat, er, HEAT goes on
Not a record high today, but 97 degrees is still plenty hot for the first part of June. I literally needed pot holders to hold the steering wheel on my car after it sat in the sun all day. I didn't have any pot holders though so I had to waste gasoline sitting in place while I waited until the A/C had cooled it down enough to touch. With gas prices as high as they are, I need to pick up a couple of cheap oven mitts at the grocery store to throw in the car!

I discovered that something was munching on the leaves of my green bean plants today while I was at work, but there was no sign of the culprit when I got home. I was planning on planting squash this weekend, but maybe I'll do another pot of green beans instead in case these get munched to death. Oh, and a neighbor gave me some okra seeds to plant. I don't actually eat okra, but it might be fun to try and grow it.


  1. Okra would probably grow brilliantly in your climate. it seems to be the 'novel plant of the moment' over here this year. We tried it last year and were disappointed (no pods at all), but methinks that was because it's not yet been bred for our variable climate.

    Jealous of your heat...

    You could always plant some more bean seeds in the same pot your current ones are in. They will then come up to either replace the nibbled lot (if those don't recover), or to be a slightly later batch, to extend your season. If you get too many, you can always transplant them somewhere else. Then you'd be able to do the planned squash too.

  2. The reply I originally posted here has disappeared so I'll reply again. Planting bean seeds in the same pot had not occurred to me and I think that's an excellent idea. And yes, okra should do very well here thanks to the heat. My aunt who is further west of here grows it and was complaining that our spring weather had been too cool. I haven't talked to her recently, but I imagine she's no longer complaining.