Monday, January 03, 2011

What a crazy day!
The phones are work were ringing off the hook today with back to back calls just like during the busy season. After the last two months lull, it was a bit of a jolt, particularly since I'm now a Tier Three staff and doing considerably more complicated tasks than I was as a Tier One the last time the phones were this crazy. I didn't mind the hectic pace so much because it made the day fly by and it was 5 PM before I knew it. However, I was definitely feeling a bit weary on my way home and what a treat it was to pull up in my driveway and have visitors literally waiting for me at my door to offer me a cold beer. And after we attended to Theo's needs for a walk, food and attention, I was then whisked away for a free dinner at Serrano's. Wow!


  1. Congratulations on your promotion! Glad your skills are being recognised.

    Hope things are still going well at work and that you've finally found an employer who treats you properly (at last).

  2. Hey Ann,glad to here everything is going well.Give me call sometime.THE BADGER. . . .