Monday, December 28, 2009


I have not spoken in them in months
Facey kind of dumbs you down
well that's not fair...but it accelerates thought and interaction.
maybe a better way to describe it is it numbs you down
But I have this health issue going on recently.
And I am very afraid.
That's not something I am used to . I have always been the strong can't knock me down.
but I have been knocked the fuck down.
I have lost the feeling in my right leg and it just doesn't work right anymore
a very frightening experience.
it could be the result of injury , which I have had.or it could be the result of a stroke, or I could be developing MS.
these are all things to be sorted out but I have to tell you I am terrified.
I have labs tomorrow and an MRI on thursday.
and a giant hole in my heart.

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