Tuesday, November 17, 2009

If I were a rich man...
We had our first chilly night of the season. I didn't go outside to check if we hit the 40 degrees Fahrenheit they predicted, but it certainly felt cold enough in the house to me. Which got me to thinking that if I was extremely wealthy then I would be packing up Rob and the dogs, boarding my private jet and flying off to live in another climate until March. But there was a glitch in my fantasy because I had no idea where I might go. Australia? Hawaii? Spain? I have no idea what the weather is like in Spain this time of year, but for some reason that country comes to mind. This is the problem with being broke and not daydreaming about what you would do if money were no object. Instead, I just think, "can't afford it" right away and don't even bother pursuing the fantasy. I not only cheat myself out of a nice daydream, but also stop myself from finding other ways to pull it off should I decide that I really want to do that.

Well, I have to run off to work now, where I'll be wondering, "Where are the best places in the world to live from November to March?" Maybe I'll do a little Internet research on it tonight :)

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